Monday, May 27, 2013

It's move-in time before you know it!

If your student has decided to attend Kettering University, we ask that he/she takes some time to complete a few required enrollment tasks:

Go to the NEXT STEPS page in order to do this.

Reminder: June 1 is the recommended date for students in A-section to have completed the Math Placement Exam! If your student is still waiting to receive Advanced Placement scores and potential course credit, he/she should still go ahead and take the exam.  A successful AP exam score will always take precedence, but it's good to have the back-up Math Placement score just in case.

Meanwhile, take a few minutes to read about some recent Kettering University student and alumni accomplishments!

We will see YOUR student soon! Please contact me at if you have any questions about the NEXT STEPS.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kettering University's President McMahan: It's all about the students

For most students, college becomes their "home away from home." At Kettering University we strive to build a family atmosphere. We know that if your son or daughter is connected, safe, and treated as an individual, he or she will enjoy a successful college career. At Kettering University this personalized commitment to students is a top priority!

Kettering University's President McMahan cares about students and offers open office hours to students each term. Learn more.

Student office hours with Dr. McMahan

Follow President McMahan on Twitter.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kettering University Alumna makes Crain's "Twenty in their 20s" List

Crain's Detroit Business website features an annual list of up-and-coming young professionals called Crain's Twenty in their 20s. A Kettering University graduate has been featured on this list for the second year in a row.

This year's honoree from Kettering is Amanda Godward, owner and chief energy engineer of Ecotelligent Homes LLC, of Farmington Hills, Michigan. Read Amanda's story.

This is a cool story and another example of how Kettering University prepares our graduates to make an impact on the business world.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scholarship searching? A Tweet can Help!

I admit it. I am hooked on Twitter. The following is an exchange that has occured more than once between my husband and me when I am riding with him in the car, and he glances over to see me furiously typing on the tiny keys of my phone:

Husband: Who are you texting?

Me: No one. I'm tweeting.

Husband: Well, quit it and talk to me instead.

Me (looking sheepish): Sorry...

Okay...  admittedly, I need to do a better job of balancing my personal life with social media conversations. Point taken. But I have found Twitter to be a great educational resource, which is partly why I have become so fascinated with it. For example, I recently tweeted Monica L. Matthews, who tweets from her site called @AidScholarship. I asked her about scholarships that might still be available this late in the senior year cycle for college-bound students. How can students and parents still find these sources?

@AidScholarship tweeted, "Make sure they apply for ALL local scholarships, those R due in the spring. Sign up for Fastweb, Cappex & StudentScholarshipSearch."  In a separate tweet she added, "Keep applying for as many scholarships as possible."

This process takes some time and effort, but could be well worth it!

And if any of you are on Twitter, follow me @KarenAFull.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Jobs! We've got those!

High school seniors accepted to Kettering University get to experience something that rarely happens to students at other universities--  they can begin a professional cooperative education job search before their freshman year even starts! This is a powerful advantage.

Kettering's co-op companies realize that your son or daughter is a teenager who has probably never held a professional-level job before. They know that this truly is a training and learning process for these young people. But what an awesome way for students to learn how to become educated, professional adults! 

There are several ways that students accepted to Kettering for the year 2013 may begin a job search:

  1. Contact your Kettering Co-op Manager.  Every new Kettering student has been assigned a manager whose role it is to provide assistance throughout this process.  Meet the co-op staff.
  2. Starting in April, students will have access to the "live" job postings in our intranet tool called Kettering Connect.  Students have received a log-in, password, and instructions on how to access Kettering Connect. 
  3. Employment Fair on March 20th!  Is your student's resume ready?  He or she can register to attend the Kettering Employment fair this month. Over 100 companies will be in attendance--  companies who are ready to meet our new incoming freshmen. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to begin building their confidence, and to begin learning how to interact with the co-op companies.
Click here for information about the Employment Fair!  Kettering hosts three fairs every year.

The cooperative education program at Kettering provides students the opportunity to gain REAL work experience. Co-op enhances the learning and laboratory experiences that take place on campus. Kettering students are able to build resumes and professional networks that will be the envy of their peers at other universities. 

Read more about Kettering University's co-op partners!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Amazing Kettering University Student!

Last year, I think it was right around the middle of February, I remember hosting high school senior Hunter and his father from Fredericksburg, Texas. They had flown up to Flint to check out Kettering University at the urging of a prominent Kettering alumnus in their home town, who had noticed Hunter's prowess and enthusiasm for engineering. Hunter was encouraged to take a look at this unique, hands-on science and technology school in Michigan-- and so he did.

During their campus visit, I walked with Hunter and his dad through the "tunnel" and up the "ramp" to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. As we walked past the open door to one of the classes in session, professor Mo Torfeh spotted us and stepped out of his classroom to say hello. Soon he had introduced Hunter to professor Mark Thompson as well, and Dr. Thompson immediately embarked with Hunter on a tour of the EE and CE laboratories. I could barely keep up with their conversation. At that point I knew that another new talented Kettering student had just entered the fold.

I was excited to learn that Hunter has become a student contributor to the Life at Kettering  blog which features stories, happenings and events about Kettering University. You can find the story of Hunter's first academic and co-op terms here. Reading about our students' experiences in their own words is powerful. It's amazing what they can accomplish immediately as freshmen!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Wow, January... really? Next Steps!

The admissions staff and I lately find ourselves saying to one another, "Wow, I can't believe we're in January already!"

A lot happens in an admissions office in January!  We are excited that so many high school seniors and transfer students are seeking admission to our one-of-a-kind university. There is no other place like Kettering-- where excellent academics, state-of-the-art laboratories and the co-op program join together to provide the best educational experience that a student can possibly have. No one else does STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and business like we do!

  • Students may still apply for admission to Kettering University, so if you know of any high school seniors who are still searching for that elusive college...  Kettering may be the one! And... academic scholarships are still available for those who qualify.

  • In January you may begin filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Remember that Kettering University offers a fixed tuition guarantee for all undergraduates! This is designed to assist you in planning the cost for your student's entire degree program at Kettering.  Learn more about fixed tuition here.  (The cost for new students who enroll in the summer and fall of 2013 will be set and announced by early March.)

  • Students already accepted and who have chosen to attend Kettering may soon begin the next steps in the enrollment process. These steps include submitting a deposit, signing up for a residence hall room, and preparing a resume for that all-important co-op job search.

  • Watch for mail that describes all of these steps (and more) in greater detail!

  • We're offering an abundance of on-campus programs, including our next Dog Day campus open house and the Prep for Success programs for accepted students.  Take a tour, meet your co-op manager, meet some professors and students, see some cool labs!  Learn more about our programs at

Is your student accepted to Kettering University? Congratulations! You may easily refer to our next steps page on our web site for more information.